Marigré: knitwear and home decor made in Turin

Knitwear (and more) dreamed in Turin

Marigré is an online knitwear and home decor shop.
It's a story of generations that intertwine and give life to a dream and a brand that seems French and instead is all made in Turin. Born in April 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, he immediately made himself loved, read on to find out more!
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Marigré: knitwear and home decor made in Turin
Marigré: knitwear and home decor made in Turin


Marigrè are Marina and Giorgia, interior designers and former product managers, who have decided to throw themselves headlong into this new adventure made of fashion and sustainability. The passion for knitwear actually flows in their veins and comes from previous generations who worked in this field.
And so, Marina and Giorgia dusted off the traditions, enriching them with modernity and many details. Marigré are two very different women but with the same vision of femininity and with a baggage made up of travels to the point of defining themselves a bit "nomadic at heart".
Marigré: knitwear and home decor made in Turin
Marigré: knitwear and home decor made in Turin

Marigré loves our planet!

The first creed of this brand, without a doubt, is respect for the planet, which is expressed in the choice of Made in Italy, certified organic or recycled materials. From combed organic cotton to recycled polyester without ever giving up on style.
The spring summer collection mixes pastel colors with intense greens and blues. Tops, cardigans and sweaters suitable for all ages and shapes and with a really nice fit. Attention to detail is the strong point: nothing is left to chance! The lurex illuminates the fabrics and the unique embroideries make their creations very delicate and simply delicious.

Not just knitwear

But the shirts are not the only product in their shop! Even home decor becomes sustainable and therefore you can also find cushions on their website: pure beauty. Another interesting point is the possibility to customize the embroidery on pillows and masks!

We can't wait for their new collection (which will have surprises and new items on the way), in the meantime, go and take a look at their website: you'll love it!

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