“Dreamed in Turin, Made in Italy, Sustainable for the Planet”

A sparkling generational match that involves experience, quality, and an eye on the future. Hence the idea of founding Marigré label.

Founded in 2020, Marigré presents a collection of versatile, characterful knitwear and a small home decor capsule of an eco-friendly footprint cushions and blankets.

Dreamed in Turin and made exclusively in Italy, intended to pick up a family history with deep roots in clothing and interior design.

Created for a modern, dynamic, feminine woman, wishing to be herself, looking for a personal, detailed, refined style, and feeling comfortable on any occasion.


Founders Marina and Georgia – mother and daughter - inherit a history of fabrics and fashion. They are united by mutual esteem, complicity and lots of laughter.

They are utterly different for background and education, yet they share the same vision of style and femininity.

They need to convey all the emotions and images of a lifetime to their creations, collected after copious trips around the world.

Turinese by birth within nomadic souls with an impulse to search for beauty and to respect nature.