Mé Mask Details and Composition

Mé Baby Face Masks are washable and sanitised for civil use for the protection of upper respiratory tract.
In compliance with Italian LD 17th March 2020 no. 18 and DGDMF Ministry of Health Circular 18th March 2020 no. 3572P, until the end of state of emergency as per Italian Council of Ministers’ resolution 31st January 2020, these facial masks for civil use do not qualify, for their purpose, either as Medical Device or Personal Protective Equipment. Therefore, they cannot be used by health workers during their service nor at those particular cases where workers are required to use specific safety devices.

Composition: 100% Polypropylene

Triple Layer Non Woven Fabric, Oeki Tex Certification, Class 2, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency > 95%, Water Repellent and Drop Resistant. Natural, Antibacterial, Anti Cytotoxic, Hypoallergenic.