Marigré, sustainable and (al) feminine knitwear and home decor from Turin

/so ste ni bi li tà/
feminine noun
  1. Possibility of being maintained or continued with promptness and commitment or of being defended and validated with probative and persuasive arguments.
    • The possibility of being born, esp. from an ecological and social point of view.

I had never really focused on the literal meaning of sustainability. Of course, it is a word that has become increasingly present and familiar in recent years. Of course, when a word is repeated and used countless times it is almost taken for granted. But words are worlds, words are important. And it's worth stopping to get to know them, really.

Therefore, pausing on the analysis of the word, I realized how much the concept of sustainability has a strong, essential link with the concept of durability, of continuity in time and space. A sustainable thing is something that lasts, something that is not fleeting, something that lasts. Perhaps it is no coincidence that a mother and daughter have decided to give life together to a project where sustainability is the key word and at the same time the founding root. Is there anything more enduring than family?

This mother and daughter are named Marina and Georgia. their project, Marigré , holds small fragments of their names and their hearts, with the addition of the King final of Rebecca, the little one of the house, the third generation that is flourishing in the midst of creativity and beauty. Marina and Georgia believe so much in beauty, and they believe that when women dress in beautiful and environmentally friendly garments, they are even brighter; for this reason they created Marigré , knitwear and home decor brand based exclusively on natural yarns, low ecological impact manufacturing and infinite love for the planet. And for Turin, where it all began and where everything continues to take shape thanks to skilled female hands with DNA embroidered with needle and thread.

photo credits: Andrea Guermani

A female project, and more: a female project of a mother and daughter. How did the idea of ​​your brand come about and how do you combine being a family with also being “colleagues”?

Georgia: Marigré is a project born from the need of create a detailed and research knitwear collection with exclusively eco-sustainable yarns and an Italian production. Why exactly knitwear? Because our family owned the Piedmont knitwear closed in the early 80's and my mother subsequently dedicated her life to fashion working as a product manager for some of the most relevant brands in this sector such as Fendi, Dior, Valentino. In parallel with the knitwear, thanks to my work as an interior designer, we have developed a small home decor capsule of cushions using the same materials. For Autumn/Winter 20-21 it will be expanded with blankets and throws strictly in respect of nature. We value family a lot and it is a dream come true to have created all of this together. Our three generations are enclosed in the name: Marina, Georgia and Rebecca, my 6 year old daughter.

Navy: A wonderful family! It must be admitted that being "colleagues", however, is not always easy but Georgia and I have always had a wonderful and above all very sincere relationship. We don't go around it and more this was an opportunity to spend time together again between laughter and endless adventures and adversities.


Dreamed in Turin, made in Italy. How much Turin is there in your project and in your creations? Which places in Turin are your inspiration and beauty?

Navy: Our lives have led us to travel a lot even for long working periods but we're both always back home and for us home is only Turin. A city full of both aesthetic and thought inspirations. Our collection reflects them in the feminine models and in the refined details but without that excess so distant from the Turin mentality. Turin has a particular beauty, a modest, reserved, never ostentatious but mysterious beauty that must be discovered day by day.

We love walking along the banks of the Po, in the silence of nature, under trees laden with flowers or covered with snow in winter, in a muffled atmosphere that gives us the feeling of being out of this world: we like going to the historic bars in the center, a reminder of a time when Turin was the capital of Italy and which maintain that particular charm d'antan , visit the markets that periodically appear in our beautiful squares in search of particular objects and inspirations. Turin is also at the forefront for Art and Photography Exhibitions, for the Film and Jazz Festival and much more. A right combination of Past, Present and Future.


Sustainability is one of the key points of your collection: how important is it to be sustainable and to dress sustainably today?

Navy: For us, sustainability is the cornerstone of our collections together with Made in Italy. These are our two main focuses. Even today it is not easy to find garments that reflect these two factors and that are "affordable for everyone". Hence the need to design a brand using eco-sustainable yarns with recycled fibers, organic fibers or natural yarns, all certified.

We want to "protect" our customers from chemical and toxic substances that can be harmful to the skin, as well as the workers in the supply chain starting from growers, dyers and producers. The materials we use have a low impact on the environment and furthermore, by using reworked and recycled fibres, we save thousands of liters of water needed for cultivation. For us, dressing sustainable also means producing less but better to ensure that customers buy more responsibly and can find a quality product that lasts over time.


How and where can you buy your clothes?

Georgia: We have chosen to sell Marigré exclusively online on our website. This for two simple reasons: to be able to have a direct relationship with the customer and to be able to compare ourselves in the best possible way by following his preferences. We firmly believe that today it is increasingly essential to have a direct dialogue with the buyer to meet the needs of the market. Second reason: today we are all connected thanks to the internet and the possibility of being able to reach even very distant people is now normal and we all have to adapt and evolve by looking to the future.

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SOURCE: Dire Fare Mole