Marigré for the planet!

In this "particular" historical moment, we had the good fortune to meet a beautiful reality, all from Turin, which has made respect for the environment the cardinal principle of its creations.
Marigré was born from the professional union of mother and daughter, Marina and Georgia (of whom you will find an interview at the end of the article) , two women with different backgrounds but united by the same vision of style and femininity, and by the desire to offer an ethical product in a sector, that of fashion, which for a long time has lacked responsibility and respect for the environment/planet.
Fortunately, today sustainable fashion no longer represents a risky or difficult to implement concept and Marigré can count on the collaboration of supplier companies that have embraced the same principles, with the ultimate aim of giving their contribution to the reduction of pollutant emissions in the environment.
Marina and Georgia introduce us to a lovely knitwear collection from the style (forgive us for the somewhat unprofessional language !) “always-green”, versatile and never “out of line”, with soft and delicate patterns and colors .
You know when you look at a garment and think: “Oh God but how cute!!! Must be like wearing a cloud!!!”?
Well, that's more or less what we all said looking at the collection!

In addition to knitwear (of which these images are just a small "taste"), Marigré also presents a small home decor capsule of pillows and blankets, obviously both made with an eco-sustainable footprint.
We truly wholeheartedly invite you to discover the world of Marigré on
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And in the meantime, how about dedicating a few more minutes to what the beautiful Marina and Georgia have told us about them?
We know that you have different training and backgrounds: can you tell us what you have always been busy with before embarking on this adventure ?
Navy – I was practically born "in a knitwear factory" as my parents were already in the sector, so I gained experience starting from adolescence.
After completing my studies, I joined the company, dealing with the creation of garments required by the American market for Department Stores, and with the design of a collection of sporting goods for the European market.
In the 80s I embarked on the path of Designer, becoming Product Manager of major brands such as Dior, Fendi and most recently Valentino, where I worked for 26 years, an experience that ended in 2019.
Georgia – After graduating in Economics and Commerce and a period in press office communication in Milan, I decided to change course and go back to studying to follow a great passion of mine: the interior designer.
I have been designing homes and commercial spaces for 9 years.
What I like most is the creative part of the job, whatever it is. Never stop dreaming big.
Was working together always in your projects or did it happen "by chance"?
Georgia We've always had a great relationship. We are a somewhat atypical mother and daughter because we are lucky enough to have shared, and wanted to share, so many experiences together. Ours is an equal, respectful and transparent relationship: excellent premises for creating something together.
It wasn't planned over time, it didn't even happen by chance: the idea of ​​putting together a four-handed brand simply came naturally from a chat. Like it was always in the air and we realized it all of a sudden.
Are your respective roles clearly distinct and defined within the project?
Navy – Our roles are absolutely defined on paper as I, having experience in knitwear and clothing, move more easily at our spinning mills, inside the knitwear factories and with the production part, but at the base of everything is between us a great complicity and affinity of tastes for which all style, color and design decisions are taken together and in mutual agreement.
Georgia has taken care of and is taking care of e-commerce, the commercial part and all that is communication. In addition to following the small home decor capsule, strongly desired by her to also include a little of her world as an interior designer.
Being of two different generations, we are very attentive to the needs of the women we represent, more or less young.
We consider ourselves a good match!
When and how did the idea of ​​basing your project on the value of respect for the environment come about?
Navy – The idea of ​​designing a sustainable collection was both a consequence of the policy adopted by Valentino, my latest work experience, which is part of Green Peace, which provides for the elimination of chemical and toxic substances for production, and from our awareness of how much waste and consumption of natural resources the entire fashion sector produces every year.
With a conscious and long-lasting purchase, we can all help our planet to survive and to have fewer items to dispose of annually, reducing pollution.
Furthermore, thanks to recycled yarns we contribute to the recovery of a part of them.
Do you find that pursuing these values ​​in the fashion world still encounters some obstacles, of various kinds?
Georgia – In our opinion, there are no obstacles in fashion that do not allow pursuing these values, but there should be more awareness towards customers by brands who should offer collections with sustainable fabrics and yarns.
It is certainly still very difficult to find eco-sustainable and organic materials (the majority of the offer is not yet) but we are absolutely certain that we are on the right track and that the market is evolving in this direction.
Hopefully in the near future!
Georgia, let's imagine you have breathed "fashion air" since you were a child... What did you think looking at Marina when you were little?
My mother has always worked in this sector and I must admit that as a child I didn't like it so much because it is an area that requires a lot of commitment and a lot of time away from home. So no, I wasn't fascinated by it.
I started to change my mind as a teenager. As soon as she could, my mom took me with her to the rear of the Paris fashion shows, or on her wonderful trips to New York, letting me immerse myself in this crazy world and live unique experiences.
At fifteen, for example, I helped the models change their clothes and go out for the mini-shows organized for American clients. That period united me even more to her.
Marina, how has the fashion world changed in recent years? Have there been moments in your career where you risked falling out of love?
Since I started in the 80s, the world of fashion has changed a lot: the collections had their times for research, for planning, for the creation of garments that represented the best in quality and tailoring.
There were two collections, seasonal, and all the operatives who revolved around the Griffe or the Brand worked with absolutely longer times.
Today, unfortunately, the whole fashion system is based on frenzy, frenzy in making 4/5 ever closer collections a year, proposing Flash of ready-to-wear garments, increasingly anticipating deliveries to the boutiques to have the possibility of always selling more.
All this goes to the detriment of the quality and perception of the product, which we are no longer able to appreciate, to live because it has been outdated and obsolete in a short time.
Giorgio Armani's words are welcome and we hope that they can really make a difference.
No, I have never fallen out of love with my job, with this frenetic but adrenaline-pumping World of Fashion that has given me so much in terms of emotions and sensations.
Today everything is certainly more difficult, more accelerated but the result is always exciting.
We can only thank Marina and Georgia for the precious insights they have given us and we invite you to get to know the world of Marigré.
SOURCE: Colletti Rosa